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To foster conscientious partnerships with dental health care professionals committed to providing quality dental health treatment.

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We are sensitive to the needs of our clients, providing the prompt response needed in support of the best dental professional treatment.

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Our skilled technicians and the use of the best materials allow us to consistently deliver high quality services..


Our prompt response to the changing needs of dental professionals allows us to provide the support, conducive to the highest quality dental care.

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We have many years of experience and are very proud of the excellence of our services …

Full Dentures : 
Dentures are sometimes the best option for edentulous patients. When All-on 4, 6, or overbar solutions are not viable treatment options, our dental laboratory can fabricate strong, realistic, and patient-friendly full and partial dentures.

Overdentures :
Overdenture is any removable dental prosthesis that covers and rests on one or more remaining natural teeth, the roots of natural teeth, and/or dental implants. Overdentures can be either tooth supported (conventional / immediate) or implant supported.

ValPlast : 

Valplast is a flexible base resin ideal for partial dentures or unilateral restorations. The biocompatible nylon and thermoplastic resin of Valplast provide the perfect degree of flexibility and stability when processed and finished to the recommended thickness. The color, shape, and design of Valplast partials blend seamlessly with the natural appearance of the gingival tissues, making the prosthetic highly invisible.

Cast Metal Partials :

We fabricate the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing cast partials so that your patients can easily secure clasps and reduce occlusal gaps. Our lab technicians use Vitallium® 2000 for its higher elongation value, predictable adjustments, and fracture resistance. Precise fits and anti-deformation are the norm with our cast partials.

Acrylic Wrought Wire Partials:

Crafted with a tissue-colored acrylic with wire clasps, this type of acrylic partial is extremely beneficial for patients who need a temporary yet aesthetically pleasing option while awaiting an implant or bridge. The device rests comfortably on the tissue with minimal contact to the surrounding teeth, while the wrought wire metal clasps provide retention. Wrought wire partial dentures are easy to reline, adjust or have additional teeth inserted.

Flippers-Nesbit Partials :

Up to 3 teeth are created in a small partial that can be worn temporarily while the implant site is healing and waiting for the final restoration.

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Crowns and Fixed Bridges :

Hand layered PFM –
PFM is the timeless standard for dental restorations. These restorations are fabricated by fusing a layer of porcelain to an underlying layer of quality metal alloys. The enamel is bonded carefully to eliminate the chance of unsightly discoloration. The metal provides endurance and strength, which makes it a strong contender against crowns made from alternative materials. The porcelain provides the restored tooth with a lifelike look. These crowns are still a recommended option due to their high rate of clinical success and their biocompatibility that helps secure continued periodontal health. PFMs are also gentle on opposing teeth.

Custom Sport Guards :

Store-bought mouth guards do not provide the same level of protection needed to prevent direct impact to the oral area. Sports mouth guards made from multiple layers of ethylvinylacetate and occlusal thicknesses of 3 mm to 5 mm are fabricated to reduce the likelihood of mouth trauma.

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With years of experience and very proud of the excellence of our services, we are sensitive to the needs of our clients, providing the support for the best dental professional treatment.

Jose "Cruz" Mazon

Dental Technician /Manager

Jose has been working in the field for over 30 years, in California, Ohio, and Florida. He is married, and has 2 children. In his spare time he enjoys working around his little farm, and riding horses.

David "Ebbie" Bosworth

Master Dental Technician

Ebbie has been working in the field for over 60 years. He has lived most of his working life in Baltimore, MD, He enjoys playing golf. He is married and has 2 children.

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Cristal Miller

Cristal Miller

This is a really good Lab and I highly recommend to all Dentists in the area.

John Smith

John Smith

I highly recommend this dental lab because they do honest work in a timely fashion. They also take care of rush jobs, highly dependable.

Libby Cole

Libby Cole

The Dental lab is highly dependable, because they do a great job and are always on time with the work. Great recommendation!

Alex Bastos

Alex Bastos

I highly recommend the Dental lab. It is highly dependable. They are always on and the work is consistently well executed.

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